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  • Added by: harleyheller @ 27 Dec 2010 13:22
    Paying Less for your Rome Vacation
    Rome is the capital of Italy and has so much to offer to its visitors that one trip or vacation simply won’t be enough to exhaust everything it has in store. This is home to the world famed Vatican City where the Pope resides and which attracts devout Catholics from all over the world who flock here to behold the magnificence of the city. There are chapels that remain very popular because of the artwork they have from some of the greatest painters of all time. The River Tiber has seven hills which make beautiful scenery and attract thousands. The atmosphere in the city can only be termed as both holy and artistic making it quite a world attraction bringing thousands of tourists here annually. There are so many things to enjoy that many visitors run out of time before they run out of places to go and things to see hence the need to come back again and again. When Easter nears, the peak season begins making it very hard for travelers to get cheap air tickets. The various festivities during this period call thousands from all over the world and the city remains crowded until late October. You can definitely not get a cheap flight from June to September as the crowds in the city are overwhelming and the prices tend to shoot up even for accommodation. August is not a good month to travel to Rome as the whole city is on holiday making things very hard for travelers especially those working with tight budgets. The off season is perhaps the best time to travel to Rome sinc ...

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